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Web2.0 Artemis Wine Cellar Software news informations and change for ISP


Artemis is a software Web2.0 type extranet server for wine cellars and cooperatives. Created in 2005 by the company -1-Computer based in Switzerland. It is a winery management traceability, monitoring operations cellar and laboratory tests. This management software caves' s uses only with a Internet browser. Internet mobility
Notes: There are no programs to be installed on the position of the user. This solution Web2.0 mobile Internet for the benefit as well as being clearly visible and consistent for mobile (GSM or UMTS), Pda(s), UMPC and PC.

Software winery management, traceability, quality and monitoring of tanks (tank)

In both easy to use and powerful, Artemis will quickly become a valuable decision-making tool through its multiple functions.

The Spotlight

...-1-Computer, The leader has the leading edge of research and innovation Web2.0. The Artemis solution has many unique technological innovations and unmatched in the field of applications Web2.0. B4ASS "Browser Only for all Screen Size".....
Raoul Mengis CEO - 1-Computer 29.07.2007

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