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CMS 1Work Web3.0 news informations and change for ISP. New version with E-Commerce and E-shop.


1Work is a software Web3.0 created in 2003 by the company -1-Computer which is based in Switzerland. 1Work lets you create documents with a layout consisting of text and images using only an Internet browser mobility. And more this Web3.0 solution to the advantage of making documents clearly visible and consistent for the mobile phone and Pda (s) mobile Internet. Principe PDF BeeTagg

To disseminate content in different media and sizes

It is as multi-web, ie it supports the creation of several portals to the one facility. Very powerful and fast, it is based on the principle of the blocks and also on the concept of pages (one page = n blocks). 1Work is a content manager webpublishing. This new CMS is part of the new generation called "Web2.0".

In both easy to use and powerful, 1Work will quickly become a valuable tool for all your creations Internet through its multiple functions.

Advantages and particularities

Google CEO defines Web3.0 ...He called Web 2.0 as nothing but a marketing term and equated it to AJAX and related technologies however he went out to define the next generation web or Web 3.0 as "small" applications that are pieced together that can run on any device...
Eric Schmidt CEO Google 06. 2007

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