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Logo -1-Computer

Since its creation in 1985 the 1-Computer company has for main goal to find innovating solutions and to stay up to date with the latest technology advances both in hardware and software. As being an ASP -1-Computer proposes online software by dealing with all the necessary data-processing infrastructure and the services of support. Activate as well in the sale and the server installation as in Ra&D and the formation, the 1-Computer company counts on a dynamic team specialized since many years in the field of the Open Source.

Infos - Team

Raoul Mengis CEO (company founder)
Raoul Mengis is active in the training area like in the development on various operating systems since 1980. Unconditional of the Open world Source, it has developed on the Linux platform for more than 1992. With ease in the data bases like on the spreadsheves of different OS thanks to its long experiment. Concerning field IT, it specialized in the Web semantics as well as in the installation of Linux servers.

Stéphane Gay Stéphane Gay Ing. ETS
Engineer ETS in viticulture/oenology of formation, Stéphane Gay specialized in the data-processing languages of Web XHTML, CSS, PHP, like in the field of the data bases MySQL. Toujours in catch with the world of the wine, it took an active part in the installation of the concept "Swiss Wine Bar" and particularly of development Web2.0 solution Artemis.

Stéphane Michelloud Stéphane Micheloud Ing. EPFZ
Engineer EPF in computer science, Stéphane Micheloud worked during 10 years in the industry where he gathered a solid experience in software development and project management. He also spent two years as professor HES at the University of Applied Sciences (HEVs) in Sierre and currently works as research assistant at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (I&C) of the EPFL. Stéphane Micheloud has a particular interest for Internet technologies and programming languages.

"... For the company, the realization of the 1Work software is a pledge present and future competences brought into play for any type of mandate in the field of technologies of the Web."
-1-Computer (13.06.2005)

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